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Know more about Tuberculosis
Know more about Tuberculosis Tubercle bacillus apart from the lung can attack other parts of the body eg. Brain, Lymph node, Spine, Kidney and Joint
Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis
Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis Tuberculosis infection is caused by exposure to airborne droplets containing the TB bacillus.
Symptoms and Signs of Tuberculosis
Symptoms and Signs of Tuberculosis Cough Fever Weight loss Blood stained sputum Night sweats If you have the above symptoms, please seek your doctor's early advice.
Diagnosis of TB
Diagnosis of TB: 1)X-ray Chest; 2)Sputum smear and culture examination; 3)Bronchoscopy, lavage and tissue biopsy
Treatment of Tuberculosis
Treatment of Tuberculosis 1. Anti-TB chemotherapy - 3 to 4 drug regimen - Either once per day or 3 times per week 2. Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course (DOTS) - Six months treatment - Occasional 9 months to 1 year - Infection rate drops to minimal after 2 weeks - Chemotherapy is very effective, success rate over 95% 3. Non-compliance in chemotherapy: - Drug resistance - Disease progression - Infect other people - Death
Infectiousness of TB VS Days after effective chemotherapy
After effective chemotherapy up to 2 days, sputum bacilli count drops by 90%, with rapid decrease of infection
Side effect of Anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy
Most people have no side effect from the following chemotherapy. You should consult your doctor if you have the following side effect.
Ways to better recovery in Tuberculosis
1) Compliance and regular treatment and medication; 2) Faith in treatment; 3) Balance diet; 4) Enough rest; 5) Adequate exercise......
Preventive measure in Tuberculosis
1) New born: BCG vaccination; 2) Early diagnosis & treatment; 3) Early contact tracing; 4) Faith in treatment; 5) Enough rest....
Public Service for Tuberculosis
Public Service for Tuberculosis: 1) Hospitals; 2) Clinics......