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Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Air pollution can be divided into two groups, outdoor and indoor:




How common pollutants affect our bodies?



Calculation of Air pollution index


Air pollution index (API) was introduced by Environmental Protection Department in January 1998. It is a simple and unified index to measure air pollution levels. It serves as a basis for issuing advice to the public before the onset of air pollution episodes. It will help the public, particularly susceptible groups such as people with heart or respiratory illnesses, to consider taking precautionary measures when necessary.


A majority of areas in Hong Kong are suffering from high API. For example: API in 14 January 2003



API reaches a high level of 166 on 28 March of 2000 mainly related to poor air circulation leading to motor vehicle emissions stagnation




When compared with other cities:

The air condition of Hong Kong has the following characteristics when compared with other metropolitan areas:

  • Carbon monoxide level is low.
  • The levels of Nitrogen Oxides, Ozone and Sulphur Dioxide are comparable to Tokyo, New York and London.
  • Respirable suspended particulate level stands on the high side, but still not reaches the levels of Bangkok and Mexico City.