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Hong Kong Tuberculosis Association

Scientific Research Fund on Lung Health


Lung is the internal organ most vulnerable to infection with frequent injury from the external environmental causes. Death rate in Hong Kong due to lung problems remains at high level among the elderly. In this respect, the Association set up a Scientific Committee on Lung Health in 2013 aiming at enhancing the effectiveness of treating lung-related diseases through the advancement of research work. It is a platform for professionals to gather to facilitate and co-ordinate scientific researches among organisations and institutions.


To encourage more large-scale and long term research work, your generous donation is much appreciated. It is our promise that your donation will be solely for research and all administration fees will be absorbed by the Association separately.


We are more committed and energised than ever to make a contribution to the future of lung health for years to come. Your support to the Scientific Research Fund on Lung Health will eventually improve the overall lung health in Hong Kong.


       Thank you in advance for your kind generosity and unwavering support.