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Dietitian's Recipes - Tomato Baked Beans on Toast

Dietitian's Recipes - Tomato Baked Beans on Toast


1 Serving
Tomato baked beans......... 3 tbsp.
Whole wheat bread ........... 2 pcs.
Skim milk ............................ 1 glass


  1. Empty the tomato baked beans into pan and cook for a few minutes.
  2. Put the whole wheat bread until it turns golden brown.
  3. Remove the excess juice and place the tomato baked beans on the
    bread and serve.
  4. Drink a glass of skim milk.

Nutritional Analysis

Energy: 328cal.
Fat: 3.5g.
Protein: 18g.
Carbohydrate: 56g.

Dietitian's Tips

  1. Baked beans are very nutritious, with a high protein content. However, they must be taken together with some cereal products so that the amino acids from the different foods can complement each other, for better body utilization.
  2. Beans are rich in fibre.
  3. A glass of skim milk can give the diet calcium and protien. Skim milk contains no fat and have only half of the calories of whole milk.